Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I’ve made a bicycle choice.  At last! I feel as if an incredible burden has been lifted.  On Saturday,  drove  87 miles to test ride some Public bikes. Reser Bicycles in Newport, KY had two models on the floor and my daughter and  I took both  the  J7 and the Mixte 8 for a test ride.  The shifting on the J7 was incredibly smooth for a derailleur and the glide on the Mixte 8 was otherworldly. The J7 they had on the floor was sold so I ordered the C7 in white which I am told is practically identical to the J7  and hope to receive it in a week or two. My daughter meanwhile, who apparently has deeper pockets than I do, purchased the Public Mixte 8 in chartreuse .  

I had a lovely day at the bike shop and shopping for a bicycle this winter has been a joy with so many mild weekends to enjoy the test rides.   I can now turn my bicycle obsession to a quest for accessories. I need a bell, should it be red, white, or silver? How about a basket (wicker or wire)?  A new saddle perhaps (Brooks)?  A skirt guard? 

I have been lax in my training due to the hours of my job (post about that to follow) but I feel energized now that I have chosen a bicycle and plan to be in great shape by the Bike the Drive event in Chicago.   

Since my last post I have heard that I was chosen by lottery to ride in the NYC five boro bike tour.  I’m saddened to report that  after looking forward to this ride for so long I will be unable to participate. I have a family obligation that I must tend to  that weekend here in Kentucky.  I will however, be able to bike the drive in Chicago on Memorial day weekend and I am excited by that prospect.

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