Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Ride

After much delay and confusion I have a new Bicycle. It is not the Public C7 that I was expecting, but a discounted Public  J7 that the bicycle shop had in stock that I originally test rode  and that I love. I actually prefer the paint job on the J7 to that of the C7 and am quite happy with the bicycle, if not with the bike shop who gave me the run around for about a month as to when the bicycle would be delivered. I suspect that the owner owed Public money and that they would not ship any new bikes to him.

So far, I've experienced not one moment of buyer's remorse. Unsual for me.  Did I say I LOVE the bike? It is fast, light, and easy to ride.  Thanks to my daughter for the photo as I ride into the sunrise. Best morning of the year so far. 

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